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Handle mouse wheel event with jQuery jMouseWheel plugin

Recently, when answer this question on stackoverflow, I found that old way of cross-platform mouse wheel event detection have failed on new version of Firefox and Chrome. After some study on MDN, I have begun to write a new jQuery plugin to support the mouse wheel event call jMouseWheel. You can get the full source […]

Garapi Chaos 1.2 – An Open HTML visual graph editor

Garapi Garapi is an open visual graph editor base on HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3 technology. In the early stage, you can plot a normal function or point in to a Catersian coordinate system and export it as a image file. You can get your images easily without installing any tool except your built-in browser. Current […]

Wopu Blogroll WordPress plugin

Product information Wopu Blogroll is a plugin for WordPress links. It contains two advanced blogroll widgets – widgets that display your links. Unlike using the default widget, with my plugin, you can customize your link in many ways: filtering, sorting, display in columns or scrolling. You need WordPress 2.8 or newer to run this. Current […]