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Handle mouse wheel event with jQuery jMouseWheel plugin

Recently, when answer this question on stackoverflow, I found that old way of cross-platform mouse wheel event detection have failed on new version of Firefox and Chrome. After some study on MDN, I have begun to write a new jQuery plugin to support the mouse wheel event call jMouseWheel. You can get the full source […]

Setup development evironment for SCALA 2.9 and Netbeans 7.0 in linux (Ubuntu 11.04)

Install scala Go to and get the tgz package for Unix, MacOS X, Cygwin. The current latest stable release is scala 2.9.1 Suppose that the downloaded package is in your home directory, open the terminal and type these lines: $> tar -xvf $> sudo mv /usr/share/scala/ Remember to replace the 2.9.1 by […]

Wopu Blogroll WordPress plugin

Product information Wopu Blogroll is a plugin for WordPress links. It contains two advanced blogroll widgets – widgets that display your links. Unlike using the default widget, with my plugin, you can customize your link in many ways: filtering, sorting, display in columns or scrolling. You need WordPress 2.8 or newer to run this. Current […]