Tips: Get the color value of a single point in the Adobe Illustrator

One day, when design the landing page of my new project, I have a trouble when trying to get the color value of a point in Adobe Illustrator with the eye drop tool. It returned me the gradient pattern of the source object instead of the only color value of the pixel. After a quick search, I found a simple way to solve this problem.

The case-study

This section describe my situation, if you just want to know the solution, you can jump to the next section.

We have two objects in the AI window, one is filled with a gradient. Now, we want to fill the target object (the circle) with the color of a point in the source object. As a result, we have to know the color value of that point.

The case-study: what is the color of that point?

The first thing I think to do is looking at the Info panel (Ctrl + F8). However, as you can see in the figure below, the Info panel does not show the color value of the current pixel, but the pattern (color, gradient or pattern name) of the file and border of the source object.

The Info panel with the soure object selected

If we use the Eye drop tool (Ctrl + I) now, the target object will have the same border and fill pattern as the source one, when what we need is only the color of a specified point (or pixel).

The eye drop tool with the target object selected

The key of the magic

Yep, this is exactly what most people desire when looking at this post. To get only the color of a point (or pixcel) instead of the whole pattern of the object it belongs to, we press Shift key when using Eye drop tool. See the figure bellow. The fill color of the target object is a solid color now, not a gradient anymore.

The eye drop tool with the magic key

Note: I use Adobe Illustrator CS4 in this example, I don’t know what happens in other version, but I think there will be not many differences.

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