[Barcamp slide] new things in interface design with Modern UI style applications

oday, I have a presentation in Barcamp Sai Gon 2012 about the “Modern UI” and the new things it brings to the interface designer. I have shared it in my SkyDrive and everyone who is interested in can see online now. This is its content.

  • About the name of “Modern UI” and the name of “Metro”
  • The different views of a Windows 8 Modern UI styled application: portrait view, landscape view, snapped view and fill view
  • New navigation UX with Semantic Zoom, FlipView control and Group ListView/GridView
  • New commanding UX with the Appbar and the Charms
  • New application output message system

Well, this is my slideshow. Feel free to leave any comment here to help me improve it.

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