Sharing files and folders with Linux guest OS in VMWare player

One day, when preparing a virtual machine to study Hadoop, I have to find the way to share a files and folder between my Windows 8 machine with the Linux guest OS, more specific, I use LUbuntu as my guest OS. After a quick Googling and read the documentation, I was successful. Today, I want to share this experience with you.

Install the VMWare Tool

First of all, you have to install the VMWare Tool for the guest OS to enable the shared folder in this OS. Click in Player menu > Manage, > Install VMWare Tools…. You may have do download the tool before the installation start.

Start install the vmware tools
Start install the vmware tools




After the compressed installation file has been mounted to the guest OS, copy it to another writable location e.g. the Desktop folder and decompress it. Now, open the Terminal and change the working directory to the new created folder, usually named vmware-tools-distrib.

Change the working directory to the new installation folder
Change the working directory to the new installation folder




Execute the with super user privilege and accept all default value. It will automatically execute the at the end of the installation. If your Linux does not have gcc and make, you have to install these package and re-run the again by simply enter sudo

Config the Shared Folder in VMWare player.

Now, we have to VMWare tools in the guest Linux OS. We should open the virtual machine settings by click Player menu > Manage > Virtual Machine Settings. In the new dialog, choose the Options tab and enable the Shared Folder option.

Enable Share Folder in the virtual machine
Enable Share Folder in the virtual machine




Click the Add… button at the bottom, follow the wizard to choose a folder in the host OS and the name of shared folder in the guest OS. In the Linux guest OS, our shared folder will be mounted in the /mnt/hgfs/. You can make a soft link (shortcut) to the Desktop to used this folder more easily when working in the Linux OS by entering this command in the terminal:

$> ln -s /mnt/hgfs/shared-name ~/Desktop/shared-name

Now you can access the shared files and folder from you Desktop folder. The modifications in this shared folder is two-way affected by default. If you do not want the guest users write or change this shared folder content, in the previous wizard click the read-only option, you can change this option any time in the virtual machine settings screen, too.

Last, my demonstration of sharing folder with Linux guest OS

Now, you have read all my words. I also upload a video to my Youtube chanel, you can see it to get more specific detail

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  1. hi, TQ vm.. that vary helpfull.. i m locking for the answer a bout a year.. so now you help me solved my problem

  2. Hi, I get this error executing
    Failed to remove the following packages:


    Please manually remove them before installing VMware Tools.

  3. Thanks, it works
    But, why every time after I restart the VM machine, the shared folder is not accessible anymore?


  4. Hey, Can you modify this in steps of linux commands that you used.. In my area videos won’t come good enough.. so please update this post with the step by step commands that would help us too!.
    Thanking You,

  5. Thanks for sharing this information, Even i was learning Hadoop now and was struggling to share folder in VM on CENTOS 6.2, Earlier when i used to practice for Oracle on Redhat , I didn’t find such issue, maybe this time i forgot to install VMware tools.

    It worked for me

    Thanks Brother…!

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