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Laravel Active version 3 released!

Laravel Active is rewritten with a absolutely new API andĀ  released with the new major version. This document explains the new API and gives some examples about its usage. Installation This version is compatible with the Laravel 5 only. Require it as one of your application dependencies via Composer: composer require hieu-le/active Add its service […]

Update my ‘active’ package to support Laravel 4.2

It’s about three months from my first release of hieu-le/active package. For someone does not know it, this package is created to allow developers display the active class easily based on the current route, controller, or, method of Laravel application. However, when the framework matures day by day, my package seems to be out of […]

Use “active” class for current route in Laravel 4

Updates: If you are using Laravel 5, read the documentation of the latest version instead. When working with Laravel 4 and Bootstrap framework, I usually need determineĀ  which menu item is currently “selected” and add the active class into that item. After installing the dwightwatson/active package and founding that that package does not fit my […]

Handle mouse wheel event with jQuery jMouseWheel plugin

Recently, when answer this question on stackoverflow, I found that old way of cross-platform mouse wheel event detection have failed on new version of Firefox and Chrome. After some study on MDN, I have begun to write a new jQuery plugin to support the mouse wheel event call jMouseWheel. You can get the full source […]

The new responsive design for my website

After a long time, I have finally release my first responsive layout for this website. Let’s see what is new in this version. Responsive layout with smart phone supported I’ve implemented three layout in this new design. One is designed for screen wider than 1280px – almost modern notebooks, one for 1024px-wide screen, the other […]

Garapi Chaos 1.2 – An Open HTML visual graph editor

Garapi Garapi is an open visual graph editor base on HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3 technology. In the early stage, you can plot a normal function or point in to a Catersian coordinate system and export it as a image file. You can get your images easily without installing any tool except your built-in browser. Current […]

Wopu Blogroll WordPress plugin

Product information Wopu Blogroll is a plugin for WordPress links. It contains two advanced blogroll widgets – widgets that display your links. Unlike using the default widget, with my plugin, you can customize your link in many ways: filtering, sorting, display in columns or scrolling. You need WordPress 2.8 or newer to run this. Current […]